GRP Sections

Code Product Price
Boot Liner Boot liner (part) £ 241.88 each
BT003L Door outer skin - Left hand £ 50.00 each
BT003R Door outer skin - Right hand £ 50.00 each
BT004L Door (polyester) -Left hand £ 329.60 each
BT004R Door (polyester) - Right hand £ 329.60 each
Bulkhead Bulkhead £ 241.88 each
Dashboard 1 Dashboard RHD £ 179.77 each
Dashboard 2 Dashboard LHD £ 179.77 each
Diff Box Diff Box £ 757.34 each
Diff box & radius arm mounts Diff box & radius arm mounts £ 1,128.75 each
Door Inner Skin Door Inner Skin £ 259.05 each
Door skin Door outer skin £ 84.66 each
Front Body Section Front top Body Section bumper to screen and door openings £ 806.25 each
Inner Floor Complete Inner Floor (inc engine bay sides and front cheeks to radiator etc £ 1,612.50 each
Inner floor (front) Inner floor from front of car to 'A' post £ 470.60 each
Inner rear wheel arch Inner rear wheel arch £ 192.34 each
Inner Roof panel Inner Roof panel £ 161.25 each
Inner wheel arch Inner wheel arch £ 0.00 each
Outer floor Outer floor complete inc diff box etc £ 2,418.75 each
Outer floor (front only) Outer floor (front only) £ 180.32 each
Outer rear wheel arch Outer rear wheel arch £ 288.51 each
Outer Top Skin Outer Top Skin, complete £ 2,821.88 each
Radiator Shroud Radiator Shroud £ 72.13 each
Rear Body Section Rear Body Repair Section £ 252.44 each
Rear Wing inner Rear Wing inner £ 101.59 each
Rear wing outer Rear wing outer panel from door opening to centre line of boot £ 403.13 each
Tunnel Tunnel section £ 268.75 each
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