5-speed Gearbox Conversion

In the early part of the millennium Ian Hamer, an Elite owner and accomplished engineer, took inspiration from the 5 speed gearbox conversion that is available for various MG’s and, bearing in mind that the Elite was also fitted with an MG box, he developed a conversion for the Lotus Elite. MK14 Components Ltd acquired from Ian Hamer, in 2009, the rights to produce and sell this gearbox conversion for the Elite.

Using the Ford Type 9 as a donor box Ian modified the tail shaft, propshaft, gear lever assembly and had a new bell housing cast for installation into the Elite. These modifications allow the gearbox to be fitted with minimal alterations to the gearbox tunnel, making it an easily reversible process.

The overdrive 5th gear transforms the Elite for modern driving and, with a variety of gear ratios available, gives a number of options to best suit your requirements.

MG - Standard 3.65 2.21 1.37 1
MG - Close Ratio 2.45 1.62 1.27 1
ZF S4 - 12 2.53 1.71 1.23 1
Ford Type 9 - E62.83 1.81 1.26 1 0.825
Ford Type 9 - E7 2.66
1.75 1.26 1 0.82

The kit comprises of the following parts:
  • Gearbox, T9 with modified tail housing
  • Prop shaft
  • Bell housing
  • Bell housing to gearbox gasket
  • Bracket for clutch lever
  • Pivot bolt for clutch lever
  • Bushes for clutch arm
  • Spigot bearing
  • Gearbox rear mounting bracket
  • Gear lever assembly
  • Right angled drive for speedometer cable
  • Clutch plate
  • All nuts and bolts

E6£3050.00 + VAT
E7£3200.00 + VAT

The E7 gearbox has lubrication modifications and a large roller race laygear.

If the customer is able to provide a suitable Type 9 donor gearbox, there will be a £250.00 discount off the list price.

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