MK14 Components was established in the early 1980’s by renowned Elite specialist Tony Bates as an addition to his Elite restoration business. During the following years he reproduced a number of unavailable parts, including replacement body shells. In 1992 he sold the business to Elite enthusiast David Mousley who continued to develop things during the following decade, before selling it to current owner Will Blacklidge in February 2012.

Will’s passion for cars started at a young age, being the son of a motoring enthusiast and collector of cars. In 1980 his father bought an Elite to restore, a car he still owns today, and so the journey began. It was not until 2003 that Will was able to find and buy an Elite of his own, #1471.

As #1471 had been stored in by the previous owner in various garages since 1966 it was in a sorry state and in need of total restoration, Will therefore became a regular customer of MK14 Components. It was through these dealings with David Mousley and some fortuitous timing that Will was able to buy Mk14 Components allowing him the enviable situation of turning a hobby into a job.

Mk14 Components carries in stock most of the parts required to carry out maintenance, a complete restoration or for building a racing Elite.

Work is on going to produce parts for the Elite for road and race, with the ultimate aim to have all parts available whether you want to restore a car to completely original specification or thoroughbred for the track.

With an emphasis on quality and service and friendly advice available when needed please do get in touch to see how we can help with your Type 14 Elite project

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