Manifolds, pipes etc
Code Product Price
EX02 Manifold fully flowed, Stainless steel including flanges £ 675.00 each
EX02a Front pipe for Cast manifold £ 164.80 each
EX02b Manifold, stainless, used - When available Free
EX03 Centre pipe stainless steel (with silencer) £ 154.00 each
EX03a 'Y' Pipe (stainless) £ 194.50 each
EX04 Tail box silencer, stainless (each) £ 108.15 each
EX05 Rubber Mounting (for Silencer) £ 3.65 each
EX06 Balata Belting 10 x 2" wide £ 5.50 each
EX07 Cirrus G111X Exhaust Heat Shield 26 x 35cm £ 50.80 each
EX08 Clamping Bands, stainless - Large (2 req) £ 4.50 each
EX09 Clamping Bands, stainless - Small (2 req.) £ 4.50 each
EX12 Centre Pipe, no box (stainless) £ 97.85 each
EX14a Stainless Steel Flange (centre) £ 18.00 each
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